It has been said that In New Orleans, there is only one sandwich that has its own festival, inspires heated debate and, indeed, has the potential to influence your life in unexpected ways – ways you may only discover after knockin’ on heaven’s door. Everyone who loves the po-boy has a story about one in particular – the day you fell in love with a fried oyster po-boy, celebrated a milestone over a dripping roast beef, or consoled a failure with anything served between two pieces of New Orleans baked French bread. The bread, of course, is the most important part. Crispy and flaky on the outside, and unbelievably soft on the inside. French bread is taken very seriously and for the perfect po-boy, anything other than locally
made breads (Hi-Do Bakery being our preferred choice) simply won't do. Then you add the bulk of the sandwich – fried shrimp, oysters, catfish, or, our favorite roast beef smothered in gravy. Top that off with the "fixin's" – pickles, hot sauce, lettuce, mayo, etc., and you'll quickly find yourself indulging in one of the best culinary creations known to man. Order like a local and request your sandwich "dressed" – which means you want all of the toppings. Po-Boys are also best paired with a cold bottle of Glass Barq's Root beer.


In the early spring of 2008 Chateau Orleans Po-Boys was founded by Adam and Bonnie Turner. As a po-boy shop, Chateau Orleans is following in a very long line of greats who have laid the foundation for slogans such as:

“Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times”.

Places such as Parkway Bakery, Tracey's, Parasol's, Russell's Short Stop, R & O's, Bear's, and many others who have laid the standard to which good food is measured. As a very young establishment, we do not pretend the great New Orleans flavor begins and ends at Chateau Orleans. Nor do we pretend to do it better than those who have graced this culinary paradise since its beginning. We are, however, greatly blessed to share in the contribution to the reputation this great city has built by those that have gone before us. A reputation of hospitality, delicious food, and the creation of many great and lasting memories, with those we call friends.